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Help for perimenopausal symptoms plus! I started treatment in March for hot flashes and not sleeping. After 2 treatments I was sleeping through the night for the first time in 5 years and I haven't had a hot flash since. I also have way more energy and a lot less stress. After seeing the results for this I started treatments for chronic sinus problems. I have only had 2 sinus headaches in 4 months and I can breathe so much better. I can now exercise, bike and do yoga and my stamina is increasing every week. I am so grateful to have found Rob and feel so lucky to have seen so much improvement in such a short time. I recommend this to anyone, especially women who want to go through menopause the easiest way.

                                             ~ Laura T.
                                              Minneapolis, MN

I sought acupuncture treatment ten months ago from Rob Lowry for back pain and tennis elbow as well as depression and addiction. He has helped me immeasurably, and I continue to see him for maintenance of my physical and emotional health. As important as his expertise at acupuncture (he really "knows his stuff"!) is the genuine caring and individualized approach he takes with each patient. He is always seeking to expand his learning and shares freely with patients. He keeps prices low so acupuncture is accessible to everyone...a great practitioner and a great guy! I highly recommend Rob!

                                              ~ Patricia S.
                                              Minneapolis, MN

Coming from an Asian background, I have been treated by acupuncturists for various medical conditions since I was young and can attest to its many benefits.  After my move to the Twin Cities,  I feel very fortunate to have found Rob in Bloomington.  He is an excellent acupuncturist in that he truly cares about his patients and is happy to provide explanations on health conditions according to Eastern medical concepts, like nobody else has done for me in the past!   His easy to understand explanations really make me feel like I am in control of my health.  I highly recommend Rob as a knowledgeable and caring acupuncturist.
                                                  - S. Gabrielson

It really works!  I have been going to acupuncture for about 4-5 years for depression/anxiety that also manifested as digestion/GI issues.  I was lucky enough to come across Rob and his clinic a few months ago and I will never go to another clinic!!  I had very little energy, experienced bad hot flashes, bloating, heart palpitations, trouble sleeping... After a treatment I feel relaxed and calm, yet energized and refreshed.  I am better able to handle stress.  The hot flashes and stomach issues have almost completely disappeared with acupuncture and Chinese herbs.  I have so much more energy, my sleep has improved, and I am able to feel excitement once again.  I cannot praise Rob enough as an Acupuncturist.  He is an attentive listener and adapts the treatments to what makes you feel comfortable.  He is so knowledgeable about Chinese medicine and explains the complexities of acupuncture in a way that is easily understood.  I learn so much at every treatment.  He helps your body heal itself by treating the underlying cause and not just the symptoms. It's amazing.  I have spent so much money in the past on acupuncture b/c I wanted a natural treatment w/o medication and its side effects.  Because of the community acupuncture setting, I have saved so much.  I am able to receive 2 treatments a week for the price of 1 at another clinic.  I never feel rushed to leave, which was not the case at other clinics, and which speaks to Rob's generosity.  Even if all his recliners are full, he takes as much time with you as you need.  He is so caring and truly wants to make his patients healthier!  And it really works.

                                              ~ Kelly
                                              Minneapolis, MN

I have worked with various acupuncturists over the last ten years mainly in New York and the east coast. Rob is a very gifted practitioner. He processes the rare combination of intellect, intuition and a commanding and refined understanding of acupuncture and other inner arts that allow him to serve his clients with grace, wisdom, and mastery.Rob is a healer sensitive to both the subtle and obvious manifestations of chronic illness and injuries. His integrative approach to acupuncture has made a profound and positive impact on the ways I am learning to live with non-ischemic congestive heart failure and has also been incredibly useful in pre and post op surgery care for a recent bi-lateral mastectomy that has quickened the speed and quality of my recovery.Rob holds my highest professional esteem; I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who is committed to increasing the quality of his or her health and well-being.                                                    
                                                      -M. T. Stanton

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