Lowry Community Acupuncture, LLC

$20 -45 sliding fee scale +
$10 one time Intake fee for the first visit.

Treatments take place in Lafuma zero gravity recliners, which are ergonomically designed for relaxation and comfort.  They rest your feet at heart level (which has it's own health benefits) and many patients find them easier on their back and neck than a massage table or even their own bed or chair.  Patients enjoy the soothing relaxation music, quiet cozy environmentand soft natural light in the room.  Only the highest quality, finest gauge needles are used, and Robert is known for his very gentle techniques.  Distal style acupuncture is usually used, which means needles are mostly placed on the arms and legs to treat the back or neck or internal medical conditions for example.

Patients can sit for as long as they like with needles in place, we do not rush you out to fill the room as many services do.  We recognize that people have different needs, some like to rest for a half an hour, while others like to take a 1-1/2 hour deep nap with needles in place.  We find that 30 minutes seems to be effective for most people most of the time.  If your current M.D., D.C.,  or Acupuncturist says that 10-20 minutes is always a long enough treatment, they are just trying to free up the room to increase their volume, shorting you valuable treatment time in the process, and all for 2-3 times more money than at Lowry Community Acupuncture! 

Chinese Herbal Medicine:
1 bottle is usually for 8 days
(4-5 days at first when treating severe or acute illness)

Premium quality Plum Flower and Min Shan brand herbal formulas are provided at rock bottom prices.  Many common formulas are in stock, as are top quality, tasty herbal medicinal teas for prevention and early stage colds and flus.

Tui Na:
All patients receive Tui Na (Chinese Medical Massage) on their lower arms and lower legs with every treatment.  Also, Tui Na may be used on other areas as needed.

Diet and Lifestyle:
Ancient Eastern and Modern Western dietary counseling and sleep and exercise coaching are provided as part of standard care as time allows at no additional cost.  We will work together to find out what works for you, strive for moderation and balance, and personalize your care.  See Robert's Bio page to see his extensive background in natural healthcare.
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By appointment only, please call
952-994-6585 for times!

On call 7 days/wk.
Best times for an appointment are
Tue-Fri 2-9pm.
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