Lowry Community Acupuncture, LLC
Conditions Treated:

Conditions Robert treats
effectively and often:

Pain - neck, arms/legs, hips,
            back, abdominal, chest, etc
Headaches - migraine, tension, cluster
Nausea - pregnancy, chemo, other
PMS/PMD/menstrual issues
Allergies - many types
TMJ Disorder
Infertility, Sub-Fertility
Low energy
Muscle tension
Shortness of breath
Digestive issues - many types
Common cold
Smoking/alcohol/drug cessation
Weight Loss
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Menopausal issues
Infertility and induction of labor
Trigeminal Neuralgia
Bells Palsy
Constipation & loose stools
Frequent urination
Diabetes - non-insulin dependant
Hyper and Hypotension
...and many more.

World Health Organizaton
list of conditions effectively treated with acupunture according to Western Medical Trials.

These trials were conducted using the same design as the FDA approves drugs with: usually double-bind placebo-controlled randomized studies.  While their results are promising, it is obvious to even a laymen that acupuncture is a manual therapy not a chemical therapy and it does not fit this mold well.  On top of it, any acupuncturist will tell you that 10 people might come in with low back pain or depression or PMS or an old football injury and they will probably be treated 10 different ways, this is one strength of Traditional Asian Medicine is its ability to individualize a treatment and adjust for differences.  As a whole, Lowry Community Acupuncture gets BETTER results than these trials.  Add herbal formulas on top, and the efficacy and number of conditions that are effectively treated increases.

World Health Organization List

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