LCA's Mission
by Robert Lowry, Jr. L.Ac.
Lowry Community Acupuncture is here to provide top quality, highly personalized healthcare at surprisingly affordable prices.  Treatments are individualized to what you need each and every time you come in, and you will not feel like just another number as you might at many healthcare clinics.  The complexities of Traditional Chinese Medicine are explained in common sense, everyday language so you will always feel a part of the process.  Privacy, professionalism, and soothing atmosphere are assured as is warm, friendly service and quality care.  For testimonials, click here.
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A little about Acupuncture...   by Robert Lowry, Jr. L.Ac.

Acupuncture is a clinically proven science performed at Mayo Clinic, small private offices and everything in between.   It is a physical therapy of sorts, that is thousands of years old.  Acupuncture gently stimulates a return to normal functioning, promotes natural healing, and profoundly relaxes the body and mind.  It calms deep-down bodily processes that are over-functioning yet wakes up processes that are under-functioning.  This is why patients who do it regularly report feeling calmer yet having more energy, not because they are shallowly masking symptoms, but because they are actually healthier. For conditions treated, click here.

In short, it promotes homeostasis (whole body balance) over a course of several treatments.  The longer duration or more severe the disorder, the longer the course required. Acute issues resolve much quicker with a few Acupuncture sessions than without.  On the other hand, most chronic dysfunctions/illnesses/pains are the product of multiple factors which often take weeks, months or years for a patient to even start noticing symptoms (accidents usually exhibit acute symptoms right away of course, but become multifactorial the longer the disorder lingers). In other cases of chronic issues, by the time someone stops trying to merely mask symptoms and actually focuses on battling their cause, it has been symptomatic for some time and it is even more deep-rooted.  So it stands to reason that a real, honest-to-goodness remedy might take more than a few weeks to greatly alleviate or cure.  After all, this isn't just suppressing symptoms from the outside-in, as modern medicine so often does, it is going to the root to make you healthy from the inside-out.

The fact is, real change in chronic health issues takes time, this is why I charge a sliding scale with no proof of income required.  Click here for more info on Acupuncture prices at my clinic.  With the national average acupuncture treatment costing $65 (some charge $100-150 per treatment!),  plus $20-25 extra for the initial visit, one can see how prohibitively expensive this can be for average folks.  In fact, only the top 20% of income earners can afford regular Acupuncture at the going rate (without breaking their budget) as a front line of defense for day to day issues, chronic illnesses, and especially when they are more healthy and continue on with treatments for maintanance, wellness and prevention.  The sliding scale I offer is not charity, it is so everyone can afford a full course for any ailment at any time and be able to use it more as a front line of defense (like in Eastern Asia) as opposed to being used only as a last resort (as so often is the case in the U.S.)  In China, everyone, including the poorest of the poor, can afford this life-saving, life enhancing medicine out of pocket.  Isn't it about time we can too? 

Acupuncture and wellness       by Robert Lowry, Jr. L.Ac.

Many people come to Lowry Community Acupuncture even when they are HEALTHY!  This is because Acupuncture is a wonderful medicine for prevention and wellness and is approached by many just like one would a 1 hour per week yoga or exercise or meditation class.  It's a lifestyle choice akin to eating better, being physically active, and practicing mindfulness. It's obviously not a replacement for the above mentioned choices, but it surely helps it all come together. I personally do Acupuncture on myself once per week in exactly this capacity - for prevention and wellness - and I am healthier now than I have ever been in my life.  This is no coincidence.  I am not a mere believer in the medicine, I am a living breathing example of its effectiveness.